Marijuana Kills Cancer? Is that why you called it Killer Weed?

medmarijuanaOops-it appears that marijuana kills cancer cells and has other health benefits, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. By the time such information reaches a government website, it has had to crash through the gates of many Gate Keepers. It takes a long time. Meanwhile, no one’s life has not been touched by cancer, a nasty, ugly constellation of diseases causing untold human suffering. I say “If anything will help-get the hell on with it!”

But relieving human suffering is not the Gate Keepers priority. What is their priority? Insuring the continued wealth of the already wealthy, maintaining the proper Order, lest Chaos engulf the world. This is an ancient religious idea, believe it or not, now perverted and degraded. Some form of human rituals to stave off chaos has been practiced from time out of mind, usually as New Year’s celebrations (Renew the Year). The current degraded forms derive from the doctrines of ferocious Capitalism in league with Scientism.

For one thing, the prison-industrial complex is big business and lots of marijuana users are incarcerated. For another, the legal drug industry is huge and we can’t have people growing something in their garden that kills cancer. Oh, no! The official sites, who can no longer suppress this information, warn us not to touch the actual plant-wait until they can synthesize the “active ingredient” and put it in a capsule that costs about $80 a pop, right? Not the natural thing, but the un-natural thing, which will be “pure.” Scientism-wait until the priests conduct the purification rituals.

I apologize if I seem angry about this, but that is because I am angry about this. I think of students arrested for smoking a joint, convicted of a felony and losing the right to vote, losing their scholarships, going to jail because they were ‘”drug offenders.” I think of people I have loved who died from cancer-some who died from the draconian and expensive treatments themselves. Maybe if they could have scored some weed…

I do not even use marijuana-never have, but I defend your right to use it; in fact, at this point, I advocate mass civil disobedience against the Gate Keepers.

I prophesied three years ago that we would have a non-nuke agreement with Iran when the Gate Keepers figured out how they will make more money with Iran than without. That has come to pass.

Here’s another prophecy: We will have a solar energy revolution use when energy companies figure out how to hook a meter to sunshine.

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