Personal Experiences with God

This one is rather long-personal experiences with God from some famous people…and me. 🙂

Truth Scooper

I often talk with atheists, since atheists are human beings deserving of respect and I used to claim to be one. I say “claim” because if an atheist is defined as someone who is certain there is no God, then after awhile I had to admit that no can be certain of that.

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We can choose to believe things based on probabilities as we perceive them, which is what humans do all the time, but then non-believers would have to admit, if honest, that they are then agnostic (nothing can be known.) That’s what I claimed next; not only did I not know, but nobody else knew, either. That last part may have been a bit arrogant.

In a recent Twitter discussion with an atheist who I think is a good person, I pointed out that what we think we know, we got from other…

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