Must Read-Words of Wisdom from a Twenty-Something

Guest blog from Mica Mordon
Guest blog from Mica Mordon

We live in a world full of discrimination. I myself am extremely guilty of it.

Especially with the careers I’ve chosen. We love to pretend we are better than to discriminate but few of us are. We look at someone and instantly feel as if we know their story. From tables that come into my job to men that approach me while I’m at the bar.

The women with the expensive jewelry most likely won’t leave a good tip. The man who has that cocky smile is a man-whore. Granted, people do tend to step straight into our already boxed ideas of what they are. However, who are we to judge them? To have a box already set up for them?

I did an experiment recently. I decided to treat everyone equally. Though I may have a thought pop into my mind I ignore it and continue with my customer service. My tips have increased 60%. Who has made us God? Who are we to look or glance at someone and think we know everything about that person? If I look at someone wearing baggy clothes and gold chains I automatically have this urge to walk the other way. That could be the kindest person in the world.

The man who comes in missing teeth with grease all over him could be the smartest person in the world. However, I automatically consider him to be uneducated.  I challenge everyone to step outside the box. Don’t let that first initial look at someone decide in your mind who that person is.

I promise you that you will be surprised. Step outside the box and love everyone as they deserve to be loved.

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