Keep those Creatives distracted or they’ll cause trouble

How is your week going? Good, I hope.


I think lots of you are Creatives and can relate to this. I’ve been distracted from art-working for two months on a website for us outcasts. It’s all done but there are geeky reasons its not online and I’ve been spending the past two days frustrating the crap out of Kurt in tech support. It’s out of my hands now-it’s gone to Vitaly at level 2 tech support! I imagine Vitaly on the floor above Kurt-and just think, perhaps there are 10 floors of ever-increasing geeks with interesting names.

So while I am waiting I started getting ideas…always a dangerous thing. That’s why Stalin and Mao rounded up all the artists right away. I once thought that odd; after all we’re not particularly violent, right? But we get ideas! Mine today are harmless to the powers that shouldn’t be. I want to make scratchboard drawings like the beautiful ones on the documentary about the history of Ireland. Scratchboard starts with a board coated with white clay, covered with India ink and you draw by scratching through the ink to bring out the white underneath. “How can I make my own scratchboard?” kept Google and I busy all morning.



Drywall art
Drywall art

All afternoon Google and I kept busy trying to find out how to do bas relief sculptures with sheetrock goop. I once gooped three stories of a old farmhouse and by the third floor those ceilings were getting pretty dramatic, let me tell you. Yes, I was a level three gooper by then. Let’s see if I need a level three geek to fix the website. Otherwise, I’m off to the building supply store to get the stuff to try out my ideas.

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