We Humans are Inventive Little Buggers

When you were a kid did you build things? Like throw a sheet over a table and call it your tent? Or pile branches against a tree trunk and call it your fort? We humans build things, don’t we?

Great fort, complete with guardian angel
Great fort, complete with guardian angel

We’re always scoping out the resources, finding a sheet of cardboard and saying to ourself, “Self, that would make a great billboard! Or you know what you could do with this? You could sit on it and slide down a snowy hill!

Inventive little buggers, we humans. Today my daughter posted a picture of a fort her kids just made in the bedroom. Apparently they were very cooperative and quiet for some time, so she suspected something was up. She caught glimpses of them tiptoeing around snatching building materials.

I told her that they were just little humans being human, cooperating, raiding, looting and building stuff. I did warn her to keep an eye on the kitchen where they will soon be making hunter-gatherer forays for food supplies.

Below is a group of humans who took a bunch of empty bottles and said, “You know what you can do with these? You can make music! Specifically Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean (is Not my Lover.) Right, that’s what we all think when we find empty bottles, isn’t it?

Be encouraged about humanity today. We humans really are inventive little buggers.

Michael Jackson crazy cuts

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