The Law of Inevitable A**holes

How’s your week going? Good, I hope.

As a former missionary, I try to avoid profanity (with mixed results so far.) Profanity is so over-used that it loses its punch. So I save F-bombs for when I’m really outraged (and then I repent.) The word A**hole pops up so frequently that I began to study what we mean by that. I think this is what we mean: A thoroughly selfish, egotistical person lacking in both empathy and conscience.

“Do you know what Ashley did? She lied about me to the boss and my co-workers. I thought she was my friend!”

“Maybe Ashley is an A**hole.”

“She is!”

“Right. Well A**holes are inevitable, you know.”

100 people=4 A**holes
100 people=4 A**holes

Which leads me to my Law of Inevitable A**holes: In any group of 100 people, at least 4 are A**holes.

The scientific basis for my law is this: 4% of any population are sociopaths. Therefore there are 12,000,000 sociopaths in the United States. You have no doubt crossed paths with one or more of them. They are attracted to power positions, so there may be more in law enforcement, politics, and such and for obvious reasons, there are quite a few in prison. But there are plenty roaming among us.

When people say such things as, “Muslims are ___, Christians are ___, cops are ____, soldiers are ___” they commit the logical fallacy of Hasty Generalization. In any group of 100 Muslims, Christians, cops and soldiers there are inevitably at least four A**holes. It is wrong to attribute the A**holishness of the four to the other 96, but we do it all the time and I wish we’d stop.

It is equally wrong to deny that SOME Muslims, Christians, cops and soldiers are-C’mon now, admit it-A**holes.

The Law of Inevitable A**holes is obviously true and truth is very helpful as we go through life, don’t you think? But only if we apply it. Next time someone says a Muslim, Christian, cop, soldier, whatever did something rotten-REMEMBER-that person may simply be an Inevitable *A**hole…and don’t blame the other 96.




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