What One Little Person Does about Racism

We’re all prejudiced; that is, we all pre-judge based on appearance. Lots of us recognize this human tendency in ourselves and acknowledge that such judgments are often wrong. That’s not racism.

Racism is DNA=Destiny. “Race” carries moral, physical and social inevitability. You can spot this when people say, “All Anglos ____” “Blacks all ____”  Mexicans will always___” They can’t be changed, it’s “in the blood,” they are all like that and by the way, my “race” is superior. That’s racism. And it’s an ugly and demonic thing.

It smells like nature here. It's nice.
It smells like nature here. It’s nice.

But what can one little person do? Probably not as much as this one little person, Mary Corbin, who has been working in a deep south town to bridge the gap between races; quietly, persistently, for fourteen years now. It is almost impossible to stay racist when you actually get to know the other as a human being. How can you do that? By hanging out together.







This week they are at camp; a fishing lodge a local citizen lets them use for free. They are, as always, having a blast. One little boy, when asked what he would do with his fish, said, “I will put it back in the water, I will spare its life.” One little girl, sitting on the porch watching the rain, said, “Its smells like nature here. It’s nice.” See? Human beings. Sprawling around in your socks with popcorn and a movie-its not a big thing-it’s a small thing, a human thing-and absolutely lethal against racism.

Donate to this little organization if you wish. That’s something else one little person can do.

Movie night
Movie night

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