Hey, Let’s Elect an Actor in Chief

Hey, let’s elect an Actor in Chief! Instead of Peace Prizes we could give out Presidential Oscars.

deathvalleydaysThis morning a nice lady posted a photo of Reagan on Facebook kissing an American Flag. She said, “I just want a president who loves America.”

I commented, “Or a good actor?” My daughter fussed at me for being “political”, but I told her I actually remember Reagan being an actor; he was on a show called Death Valley Days. I don’t remember a single episode but I remember it was sponsored by Twenty Mule Team Borax. I remember because I thought it would take all day to harness twenty mules. I mean what’s up? How heavy is borax that it needs twenty mules to haul it? For that matter, WHAT is borax?

My daughter said, “Yes, I heard Reagan was an actor-how crazy to elect an actor. Had to be a one-time thing.” I pointed out that California elected The Terminator as governor not too long ago.  How does that reasoning go? “Our state needs help-let’s elect The Terminator!


I say if we’re going to be shallow-go all the way-neither Ronnie nor Arnie was as hot as the actor who played Cheyenne Bodie. Long ago, a very high class lady at one of our cookouts said in reference to Mr. Bodie, “He can park his boots under my bed anytime.” Her daughter was horrified. “MAMA!” But she and my mom just clinked their glasses together in a toast to Cheyenne Bodie.

I’m pretty sure they would have voted for him. For anything.


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