Geek Tribes

How is your week going? Good, I hope.

Geek On
Geek On

This week I learned that Geeks, the Wizards of the Modern Age, still form tribes, which is apparently the default form of social organization. Although we moderns think we abandoned tribes long ago, I realized as I study history that we have not. We still form a group identity, think our group is best (of course we do, or we’d change groups) and strive to keep our tribe alive.

This is fine, or it better be, because it’s a human universal. It only gets ugly when we decide our superior tribe should dominate all others. Now, I’ve always had a soft spot for Geeks and once worked in a think tank where we “thinked” all day on our computers. It was a bit too sedentary for me, so I went about on breaks and caused mischief. I made “Wizard of the Modern Age” signs for the doors of the real Geeks, upon whom, God knows, I called frequently for help.

While I struggled with certain open source software all this week, I frequently visited forums, where I found Geek tribes.

“I tried to install but I’m getting this error message. Anybody tell me what’s wrong?” Windows 8.1

“You have Windoes? Sux to be you.” Mac

“Move up to Linux. We soar above mere mortals.” Eagle

No, Geeks can’t be forming tribes can they? I asked an extreme Geek and he said YES, they’ve been at it since the 1980s. OK, Geeks are humans , too. I just need to find my tribe, which I’m sure will be the best tribe of all! 🙂


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