Building an Airplane in the Sky

Made with Legos
Made with Legos

How is your week going? Good, I hope.

Do you enjoy planning? I thought I had done all the research. I got a website and decided to install Drupal because it’s free, collaborative and has good reviews. Then I found out it’s not quite that simple.

I spent eight months trying to learn ole’ Dreamweaver back in the day, before I threw Dreamweaver for Dummies in the trash and felt a marvelous thrill of liberation.   So Drupal, they now tell me (NOW they tell me!) must be meticulously planned before you start building the site with Drupal blocks, which are like Legos.

I’ve seen some amazing things built with Legos, but never felt inspired to build them myself. Do not, they repeated, DO NOT just jump in and try to build it “on the fly.” But, but…on the fly is what I do best…No, that would be like trying to build an airplane in the air, they say.

I personally find the idea of building an airplane in the air rather exciting. Really foolish, of course, but then aren’t really exciting things often foolish?


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