You were adopted

Mother and child
Mother and child

Today was the day Trevor was told, “You were adopted.”

It had to happen someday, and certainly it’s better at age six than age thirty, right?

Why now? “He’s starting school in the fall and in this town everyone is so obsessed with color, they’ll ask him why he’s a different color than his parents,” his mom said.

He’s not much different; just looks like a kid with a slight tan and curly hair, but that’s enough, I guess. How did Trevor take it? Lydia, his “belly mom” has always been part of his life, been there for every birthday party, Christmas and Thanksgiving. That was part of the adoption agreement.

When he was told who his belly mom was, Trevor said, “I Love Lydia!” “And she loves you,” said his mom,”She wanted you to have the best possible life and that’s why you are in our family.” So far, so good. There will be more questions. Lydia, young, single and broke, had looked into abortion. When she found out the baby already had arms and legs and fingernails, she couldn’t do it. Nor could she raise a child. Fortunately, she met the family who desperately wanted to adopt and they were compassionate, helpful and willing to go the extra mile for the privilege of raising Trevor. He is a plus to everyone who meets him.

I am a Christian but was amazed at my fellow Christians through this whole thing. They definitely did not want Lydia to get an abortion, because that would killing an innocent child. They also definitely didn’t want Lydia to have any help raising a child because that would be welfare. Lydia had sinned, she should be punished so other girls would learn not to sin. To which I said, “Did you ever sin like that? Ever? Then you can cast the first stone-here’s a stone-want to throw it at her?” No one took me up on that.

Then they were happy she didn’t get an abortion. Then they were angry she “gave her baby up” for adoption. “I could NEVER give my child up,” they said. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I was on the edges of this unfolding drama, I don’t claim to fully comprehend all pain involved, but my fellow Christian commentators had no concept of the agony involved in that decision, of the inestimable courage and love involved in that decision. But God does.

WTJO>What ticks Jesus off? Did he express anger at sinners, tax collectors or whores? Never. Who did he express anger toward? Hypocrites. People who claimed to be believers, who claimed to know the Scriptures and acted like the devil.

If you expect young, broke, pregnant women to birth their babies, then how will you help them?

What is the plan?

If you do not have any plan to help them, then please just shut up.

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