If you can’t be a Prince-be a Pirate

How is your week going? Good, I hope.


Do you like TV commercials? I imagine most people still find them to be an annoying interruption, but I don’t know since I cancelled cable long ago. Sometimes I run into them at the beginning of videos, though, and they never cease to fascinate.

I once owned an ad agency, so I know the tricks of the trade, which are very effective (or there would be no ad agencies.) Even a very annoying commercial does its job if you remember the name of the product. Note how many times that name is mentioned next time a commercial comes on.

I ran into a car commercial this morning that says a lot about the current state of ethics in America, which is basically that American ethics are pretty much in the crapper.

Starts out: We don’t have royalty in America (Darn skipping! We got rid of nasty King George long ago!) It’s all just out there, waiting for you to grab it (feel the tug on your inner hunter-gatherer?) And those who do are the real Kings and Queens of America (You can’t be a prince, so be a pirate!)

We’re not rejecting status, privilege and absolute power, mind you. We’re just getting it the American Way, by raiding and looting. Like all commericals, it sounds ridiculous when you analyze it, but they count heavily on your never analyzing it, but just going on emotions buried deep inside.

The Pirates of the Caribbean movies made pirates into somewhat sympathetic characters, though the FBI anti-piracy warning came up at the beginning of each video, threatening five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

What? Does the FBI think piracy is wrong? Freakin’ commies. 🙂

Anti-Piracy Warning
Anti-Piracy Warning


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