Just finished the book…need Advil

How have you been? Good, I hope.

Have you ever started a project and thought it would take a few days and three months later…

I kept thinking “I’ll finish today…OK, so I’ll finish tomorrow”…I hope I didn’t relapse into workoholism, the only addiction heartily approved of in the USA. Of course, when you finish a book, you have to write a blurb for the back cover and a bio for the inside. There are RULES for this sort of thing, and maybe I’m just feeling rebellious today, I violated all of them.


The Tuans are just like you and I, really, and especially so if you happen to live in a stone age culture on a Polynesian island. They flirt, they joke, they screw up now and then and they devote much of their time wondering what’s for lunch and trying to stay alive in general. Just like you and I, they sometimes have a rough week, like the week the Tuans were assaulted by a monster boar, inundated by a tsunami and devastated by an earthquake. This would qualify as a rough week, I think you would agree, even if all that noise hadn’t awakened the ancient Serpent of Chaos under the mountain. Which it did. But other than that, the Tuans are just like you and I.

For the bio I wrote:  Je’ Czaja lives on the edge of a swamp in South Georgia and therefore seldom ventures outdoors. Instead, she stays inside and sometimes imagines living on a Polynesian island. But then, don’t we all? 🙂

Here’s the cover.


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