Agony and Ecstasy of Writing

How is your week going? Good, I hope.


I know some of you are writers, but all of you are humans so I have a question: What do you when sadness falls on you like a frozen woolen blanket? How do you keep going?

Four years ago I wrote half of an epic, the Chronicles of Tua, then set it aside to do more research and get feedback, especially from the main character, CJ, who was fourteen at the time. CJ has now graduated from high school and yesterday asked me how the book was going. The book is not going, the book is actually gone-locked into the eternal silence of an expired laptop-gone, cover, map, glossary and all.

Surely I had saved a copy somewhere? No, nowhere. Gone. Gone, gone gone. That’s when sadness started falling on my head like cold November rain. What do you do when that happens? How do you keep going?

“Discouraged” is a funny word=it kind of means I once had courage, the ability to go on in the face of adversity, but now I’ve been dis-couraged. My courage has been amputated. It’s an emotional emergency. What to do? I don’t like booze, don’t do drugs, don’t want to eat brownies…how to cope? Clean the house spic n span? Is that why some people are compulsive house-cleaners?

I am no good at being discouraged, but like Scarlett O’Hara, I won’t worry about that today, I’ll worry about it tomorrow, because a friend has an old copy of the book I sent her and she is emailing it back to me.

And maybe that’s how we get by, with a little help from our friends?

I won't worry about that today-Scarlett O'hara
I won’t worry about that today-Scarlett O’hara

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