Coincidence Theory: Hmm, Maybe I am a Jew…

You would think it would be fairly easy seeking historical truth. Maybe it is…unless it involves some racial/political issue.

Polka Band Roll out the barrel...
Polka Band
Roll out the barrel…

I went seeking the truth about Zionism and was shocked to find blazing racism all around-both pro and con. The histories were grossly slanted one way or another and the Comments section of Youtube? Do not go there!

I decided to be quite fair by only reading stuff by professors or rabbinical scholars. In so doing, I came to the astonishing conclusion that I might be a Jew. My uncle was a Jew, I have nothing against Jews, it’s just that I always thought I was Polish and Catholic-kind if an  identity crisis.

My grandparents came from Poland to the U.S. at the turn of the century. (Thank you, Grandpa and Grandma) They spoke Polish, we danced the Polka and we went to a Polish church. So Polish, right? No doubt. Then my aunt told me that Grandpa had come from Austria.

“What-we’re German?” But the borders of Poland had wiggled back and forth, back and forth and sure enough, there were a bunch of Polish folks in the Austro-Hungarian empire.

Sabbatai Ziev
Sabbatai Ziev

Then I found that a bunch of Polish Jews mass converted to Catholicism around 1759, taking Polish surnames and secretly remaining Jews. What? Why would they do that? Maybe my ancestors were among them? They converted because they were followers of Jacob Frank, who said he was the reincarnation of Sabaatai Ziev, a man who proclaimed himself the Jewish messiah in 1665 and gained one million followers. His followers removed their roofs so they could be whisked through the sky to Jerusalem when the Messiah conquered it, sold their earthly goods and prepared to rule the world.

Sabbatai had a unique take on Judaism. He taught that since he had arrived, all commandments should be obeyed in reverse. In others words, kill, steal and commit adultery. This doctrine had a certain appeal for a million people, apparently. He went to Jerusalem, announced his Messiahship and the Jewish leadership there told him to get lost. Disappointed at their unbelief, he went to Turkey, followed by tens of thousands, to ask the sultan of the Ottoman Empire to give him Jerusalem. The sultan gave him not Jerusalem, but a choice: convert to Islam or die. Sabbatai converted.

He lost a lot of followers at that point, as you can imagine. But thousands, maybe tens of thousands said, “Aha! Just like he said, do the opposite.” So they converted to Islam while secretly remaining Jews. They are called the Donmeh and still exist today. Naturally the reincarnated Sabbatai, Jacob Frank, had no qualms about converting to Catholicism if it suited his purpose. They continued to kill, steal and swap wives, which made them somewhat unpopular in some quarters.

Jacob Frank
Jacob Frank

Frank met Amschel Rothschild and Adam Weishauf, the founder of the Bavarian Illuminati, and they made some kind of deal. What kind of deal? I do not know, but speculation fills millions of hours of Youtube videos. The Frankists, they say, congregated in Czestochowa, home of the famous icon, the Black Madonna.

I will never know if my ancestors were Jews, though I found a “Czaja” on a list of concentration camp inmates. And it may be a huge coincidence that the  Polish Catholic church I grew up attending was “Saint Mary of Czestochowa” named after the same town where the Frankists congregated.

Whatever our ancestors did or did not do, we are not responsible. Descendants of slave-owning families are not responsible for slavery, descendants of Nazis are not responsible for concentration camps and ideological descendants of Jacob Frank are not responsible for whatever he was up to.

We are, however, responsible for what we do now. 

The Black Madonna
The Black Madonna

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