We Shall Overcome and Here is Why

You just can’t keep a good Homo sapiens down, I tell you.

On Twitter I often see people are…discouraged is too mild a word…how about hopeless and panicked? The human race is doomed, if the terra-ists don’t get us, the global warming will and there’s nothing we can do to stop the One World Government from enslaving us, etc.

I don’t buy that for a minute. We humans are clever little boogers and survived the eruption of the Mt Toba Supervolcano that caused six years of volcanic winter and we survived Superwinter itself-8,000 year of Ice Age.

We just need to come up with creative solutions and hopeless panic is not the best frame mind of mind for creative thinking. Here are a few recent creative protests that illustrate the principle.

In Turkey the government passed a no-public-displays-of affection law and so everyone grabbed someone at a pre-determined time and kissed them. That was probably fun.

Also in Turkey, to protest a women’s rights abuse, the men dressed in skirts and marched down the main drag; hairy legs, boots and all.

Finally, in Spain to protest austerity without getting their heads bashed in, they did  a hologram protest. Tear gas THIS!

Turkey Kissing protest
Turkey Kissing protest
Turkey women's rights
Turkey women’s rights
Tear gas THIS
Tear gas THIS

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