Miracles are all around us


Einstein said we can choose to live like nothing is a miracle or everything is a miracle. I never had any problem with miracles as reported in the Bible, for example, on the basis of the fact that by definition, God can do anything. Anything.

Rationalists say God cannot do anything that defies the laws of nature, to which I reply, “The laws of nature as defined by…?” Do we think we KNOW all the laws of nature? I tell you, we humans are a hoot.

I was conversing with my grand children about dragonflies, which, c’mon-are pretty amazing besides being beautiful. I mentioned that dragonflies start out as water creatures.

“Really?” they asked.

“You caught one once, you called it a perch bug, remember?” said their mom, Autumn,  “It bit you.”

“THAT was a baby dragonfly?!” they asked.

Dragonfly larva
Dragonfly larva

“Yup, dragonflies start out as perch bugs. Cool, right?” I said. “Kind of like tadpoles and frogs.”

They sat quietly, staring out the window, contemplating the miracle of dragonflies.

“Now that I think about it, humans start out as water creatures-don’t we spend nine months swimming around in our mommy’s womb?” I wondered aloud.

“Huh, never thought of that,” Autumn said, but the kids were still meditating on perch bugs and dragonflies-one miracle at a time.

TADA-four legs
TADA-four legs

The next day Autumn posted this picture of Carlo’s tadpole. When they went to bed, it had no legs. When they woke up, it had four. Imagine the cells frantically dividing, all following the frog-leg blueprint, making four legs overnight while the family slept.

They say we humans replace all our old cells with new ones constantly. We are always being made new. I wonder if that’s how miracles of healing happen-same thing, just speeded up, like a tadpole growing four perfect legs overnight.

Miracles are all around us, I tell you. 🙂

UPDATE: Three days later…

And now for something completely different
And now for something completely different

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