In Rockfall this morning Islam and Christianity met…and agreed

True story from my brother who lives in New England:

I was hungry and you fed me...
I was hungry and you fed me…

I was talking to a Muslim man behind the counter at the Rockfall store and I told him I had to go shopping for groceries because when I have money I buy food for poor people, that Jesus tells me to do that, and we all have dinner at my girlfriend’s sisters house.

I said I had invited a woman named Margaret, who is a single mom and the sister of a Christian woman named Anne, a Christian woman whom I love very much. I said Margaret often struggles for food, as well as my girlfriend’s sister and husband, and that I had worked this week and put aside money for Sunday dinner.

The Muslim man reached into his pocket and handed me a twenty dollar bill. “Here, take this for food for your friends, but please do not tell them who it is from.” I looked at him in stunned silence for a long time. ” You are bringing tears to my eyes.” I said.” You are bringing tears to my eyes too. Take it, ” he said. ” Okay, I will take it from God and I promise I will not tell them who it is from. This will come back you ten times.” He smiled at me and said, ” Yes, I know.”

I went to the grocery store and bought food and delivered it to Linda’s house. They were not home so I went in and put it in their refrigerator.

” When you have a feast,” Jesus said, ” go into  the lanes and alleys and compel the poor to come in.” I smiled all day thinking about that kind Muslim man and reminded myself that while some are radical and crazy, others are kind and generous.
In Rockfall this morning, Islam met Christianity and agreed.


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