Meet the Real Muslim Rage Boy

This is a true story about BS on the news, but also about human nature, so it is from my other blog on that subject, The Road Upward…

Welcome Travelers...

Muslim Rage Boy meme Muslim Rage Boy meme

How would you like to be turned into a meme? To have your photo plastered all over social media, on coffee mugs and T-shirts? Maybe you’re thinking, “Cool. How much will I get in royalties?” Nothing. You will get nothing in royalties. Furthermore you will be presented as the face of evil, the devil himself-and your image will be combined with degrading words and photo-shopped into disgusting situations.

I noticed the face of Muslim Rage Boy popping up so often that I began to wonder if he was an actor. He was Chechen, he was ISIS, he was Hamas-he was planning a terrorist event near you. As it turns out, he is a real person named Shakeel Ahmad Bhat who goes to protests within walking distance of his modest home in Kashmir, a disputed piece of real estate in India/Pakistan? (That’s the dispute.) Indian paramilitary controls…

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