Disney: One Face Fits All…Women

I know lots of people love Disney. Disney movies! They were always considered so wholesome and American.

Do you remember your first Disney movie? The first Disney movie I ever saw was Snow White. Would you believe people used to go the movies and watch the movie from their cars? With the kids in their jammies? Seriously- they called them Drive-In Movies! That’s where I saw Snow White as a wee little lass and the witch scared the shite out of me.

Maybe that is why I have not always loved Disney. That and a couple of trips to Disney World where, after sweating in long lines for hours, their mechanized characters totally creeped me out-Abraham Lincoln delivering a speech with the machinery grinding away inside… Grind…squeak…hummm…

Later I noticed Disney princesses, though they were separated from the palace as babies, always managed to attract a prince in the end. So blue blood will always out in the end, aye?

A fellow artist, who apparently is just as weird as I am, noticed something else about Disney (+ Pixar.) Their heroines all have the same face, while their heroes look all kinds of ways. The message seems to be, there are lots of ways to be handsome, but only one way to be pretty.

One way to be pretty
One way to be pretty
Dudes! Its all good (from Every Flavored Bean)
Dudes! Its all good
(from Every Flavored Bean)

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