Men Try Heels for First Time: History and Hilarity of High Heels

“You need to wear heels with that outfit.”

“Who says?”


Why distort your feet? Why walk around on stilts if you’re not a circus gymnast? Who invented these torture devices? Cave men? So women couldn’t run away from them?

This bad idea, like so many others, started with the aristocracy. Aristocrats would be unmasked as regular people if they were butt naked, so they have always sought visible markers of their wonderfulness, usually in the form of funny hats.

Look upon my hat and tremble
Look upon my hat and tremble

In the 1600s some aristocrats started wearing heels, because no one could be a common laborer in that silly footwear. Following Bourdieu’s Theory of Class Distinction, lesser men began imitating their superiors and women said, “Oh, yeah? I can play this game,” at which point aristocrats abandoned the vulgar practice and went looking for funnier hats.

If not for early pornographers the stilt-heel phenomenon would have gone the way of the dodo bird. The video below is about men trying to wear high heels for the first time. Go ahead, click “play” you need a good laugh today.





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  1. I am not trying to make it sound as though it is not a skill to polish but it really is not to tough to walk in heels. I will say for a lengthy period of time it certainly is going to take practice or to look natural but putting on a pair and standing; I have a hard time accepting the difficulty to be as high. Perhaps it is more of a confidence thing… But hey, good job! Keep up the good efforts. đŸ˜‰

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