The Road Winds Upward

I called my genius geek son last night to ask what he thought of Windows 8, since I had just spent four days trying to slay that Wannabe Phone. Apparently Windows 8 was a huge flop and generated so much profanity that I need not add mine to it. He said they were coming out with a free upgrade to Windows 10 to fix the mess and they fired the guy who came up with Windows 8.

Immediately I felt sorry for the fired guy. I bet he feels bad. He thought he had a brilliant innovation, but everybody hated it and he got fired. 😦 I imagine he was one of those geniuses who forget to actually ask people, “So what do you think of this ten miles of ads and bizarre, uncontrollable popups?” People would have told him, “Dude, that sucks.”

I am always amazed that people try to solve other people’s problems without actually asking their opinion. It happens with The Poor, with software and even with whole nations. “Your leader looks like a dictator to us-we’ll throw him out and hook you up with democracy!”

To celebrate my victory over Windows 8, I made a painting called The Road Upward. Its also the name of this site, my gmail address and a workbook I made for support groups. It’s from proverbs, “The road of life winds upward for the wise.” Yes, it winds and yes, its upward. In fact, it gets mighty steep sometimes, doesn’t it? But look, there’s light up ahead, press on! 🙂

The Road Upward by Je' Czaja
The Road Upward
by Je’ Czaja


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