Jesus, Jihad and Jewish Genocides

“Read the Quran'” they told me. So I did and found it repetitious and contradictory. “Ah” they said, “That is because you have to read it in Arabic and have it interpreted by experts.”

Experts? WHICH experts?

As a student of ancient literature, I find these conditions very fishy-a classic setup for establishing men, fallible men, as the unquestioned source of all truth. Not God or Allah, but men. The scam potential is limitless.

Many today blame God or religion for the world’s sufferings. I suggest they look a little deeper. Behind the god-mask, do you not find MEN with a political agenda? Men seeking power? You do find that, in every genocide and jihad perpetrated in the name of God.

You blame God? You blame religion? That is both shallow and stupid. Look at men, look at their Powerlust throughout history-such men will use whatever is at hand to justify their murders and lootings.

Joseph Stalin did humanity few favors, but he did show what kind of carnage can be perpetrated by dogmatic atheism.

It is a HUMAN problem and I call it Powerlust. Surely it afflicts few of us, over 95 percent of whom just want to live decent lives. But that other five percent roll on, in each generation, in every ethnic group and religion, keeping the world aflame and bleeding.

It is a human problem and it will never be solved until we admit that obvious fact.




  1. I feel the same way. Everybody talks about God more than they talk about real things. Hell, nobody even knows their next door neighbor these days; but ask them about God and they’ll talk till kingdom come.

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