Solar-Powered Mojo

Three suns in Siberia
Three suns in Siberia

Ever feel tired, lose your creative spark and just want to veg out? When this happens to me I say, “I lost my mojo.”

For days on end, it’s been cold and overcast and my mojo has been absent.



Daughter: What’s the matter?

Me: I lost my mojo.

She: Me, too.

Me: Think it’s the weather?

She: Yes.

Me: So mojo is solar-powered?

Today I was reading Sputnik, the Russian paper, to get the other side of several stories currently circulating and an article said that in Siberia, they could see three suns, due to the halo effect.

Could moving to Siberia restore my mojo? Three suns! And I hear the fishing is great. But then I looked at the houses, frozen in the snow and decided that probably wouldn’t work. The sun will shine again here in Deepsouth, Georgia. In fact it, will bear down on us so intensely this summer that it will melt our mascara and heat our ear rings until they fry our ears.

Patience… Like the ever-revolving seasons, mojo will return.

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