Chapel Hill Murders-Are we finally waking up?

chapelhillYesterday a militant atheist shot dead three students in Chapel Hill, NC who happened to be Muslim. This time there is a public outcry. Are we waking up?

I say “this time” because right after 911, Sikhs were killed and assaulted in the US because some yahoos wanted revenge and the target for these idiots was anyone wearing a turban. Sikhs, the killers are too abysmally stupid to know, are not even Muslims.

Then in 2012 a right-wing zealot shot and killed six Sikhs in their temple in Wisconsin-for the same idiotic reason. But what if they had been Muslim? Would that have been OK? Do they think they have identified the source of all the world’s suffering in 1.6 billion members of a religious group? And the solution is to kill them all?

That’s what Stalin said, “No man, no problem.” For those who blame “religion” for the world’s woes, remember that Stalin was an atheist. Religion isn’t the problem, the problem is that stupid and persistent idea that crosses all boundaries of ethnicity and religions:

“Those people” are evil and the solution is to kill them all.

Who are those people? Jews, Muslims, communists, atheists, fascists, Huns… Mongols? Idolaters?…take your pick.

When you hear THAT (and you will hear it constantly, if more subtly, stated) then know that the words are carried to you from the foul pit of hell.

One of “those people” is my neighbor, Kadeen. He owns a convenience store out here in the boonies of Deepsouth, Georgia, an area not know for its tolerance.

As I entered the store recently, a local was just leaving with his little girl.

“Who is that man, daddy?” she asked sweetly.

“Wah, that’s my frien,’ Kadeen,” he answered.

Right. He’s my friend, too. Kadeen is funny, honest and generous. He loves American sports and dislikes his mom’s nagging him. He doesn’t want Sharia law-he said it hasn’t made his native land any less corrupt. However, he does think good old American laws should be more fairly applied. So do I.

The popular notion that you have identified the source of all evil in a designated group, and the solution is to kill them all-is a philosophy worthy of a paramecium.

Who needs a brain? I just react when poked.
Who needs a brain? I just react when poked.






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