We Get By with a Little Help from Our Friends

Good Samaritan
Good Samaritan

Just a true story that happened yesterday which illustrates that most human beings are pretty decent. From my brother, Mark:

“The Buzzard, an old friend of mine, came by the apartment, helped me
take the old battery out of my car, took me to the parts store and bought another battery for me.
We got back, put the new battery in, and the car started right up. Then he handed me twenty-five dollars and said his mother’s sidewalk needed shoveling and that he’d see me later on at the club and would buy me a drink.
” Hey, when I was broke one time and needed to get to New Orleans for
a funeral, you handed me a check for five hundred and didn’t even blink. Remember that?”
” I remember.” I said.
” So don’t worry about a hundred bucks. It won’t matter in the end.
Like I always say, God will provide. You’ll pay me back someday anyway. No big deal.”
” Thanks. Buzzard.”
So there you have it. A real life Good Samaritan. And Jesus said, “Go, and do likewise.”

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