IQ: Fish vs Monkeys

Standardized tests
Standardized tests

I supposedly have a high I.Q. yet am perfectly aware that I do dang fool things. What does it mean that a person has a high I.Q. anyway? It means I can do well on tests designed by folks who have designed tests to measure…things at which they themselves excel.

My (deceased) brother had an I.Q. of 154; a genius. Yet he did terribly in school because he was bored. I started to suspect I.Q. tests when I worked with poor kids. Supposedly they failed in school because they were were just not that smart. But I noticed they were very bright, and some were brilliant.

The smartest guy I ever met was in prison. He had dropped out of school but was in my horticulture class. He cut right through every issue to the core of the matter; he thought fast, blazingly fast. Could intelligence just be thinking faster than average?




Then I knew people with mechanical intelligence, they can see how things go together and make them work. I cannot. Or how about athletic intelligence; mind and body working in beautiful symmetry-or musical intelligence? To sit and make music, how awesome is that?

Or street smarts? or tracking animals or finding food in the jungle? How would I.Q test makers do if others made the tests?

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