Rest in Peace, Laptop

griefBy this point in history, we have all experienced the demise of our computer; the dreaded day when it just can’t be revived by any gymnastic geek tricks. It’s gone, kaput, perished.

Yesterday my workhorse laptop gave up the ghost in the machine. It had been ill, it wasn’t a surprise, but the death of our computer diminishes us-especially if we haven’t been storing our files externally. We can replace the machine, we cannot replace our contribution to its memory banks.

I did my best. I ran Advanced System Care (good, free program) and then CCleaner (also free,) and even cleaned its innards when it started “running hot.” I held my breath when it got the FBI virus and several times when I ran System Restore.

But it died. It was old. No resurrection possible. On the very day I needed to prepare for my class “Fine Arts for Adults Who Want Their Crayons Back.” The painting was on the computer. Could I do it from memory? My memory?

I remembered the sticker my best friend had on her computer: “Jesus saves and so should you.”

I made the painting. Phew. Now I need a new computer, another workhorse. They seem to have become more expensive. Yikes! I visited the old one; it had already grown cold. 😦

While engaged in fighting off panic and stroking my cold, deceased laptop, the word had gotten out of my sad loss and my ex-husband (!) said he had an awesome computer he would give me for free! He is delivering it this morning.

Life goes on. Rest in peace, laptop, and thanks for the memories, which my local geek says can be extracted and installed on the new computer. 🙂

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