I promise you, this is an encouraging story

Beauty is where you find it
Beauty is where you find it

I promise you this is an encouraging story-just bear with me.

Haiti experienced a devastating earthquake in 2010, which killed 200,000 people in an already poverty-stricken country. Many kind people donated money, which seems to have been peed away by the kleptocrats, as usual.

This man lost several family members and has moved to a shanty town with 300,000 (!) others. It has no water or electricity. The government is a joke.

So what is the encouraging part? Have you ever wondered how people lived after the fall of the Roman Empire or the Systemic Civilization Collapse in 1200 BC? I have, but those people don’t write histories. That they did live is obvious, but how?

Like this man lives. We get fearful that the US empire will fall, or the economy will crash and then what? Well, it can’t be worse than this Haitian man’s situation, now can it?

Look inside his hut-look at his makeshift table. He has a little pot of flowers in there. He strolled down the dusty roads and seeing some flowers beside the road, he bent down and picked them and brought them home.

Life doesn’t get much harder than this, but he saw beauty and he brought it home and that speaks volumes about the resilience of the human spirit.

And that… is very encouraging.

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