The Burping Dinosaur Sings Happy Birthday

I love birthdays. That day when you made that scary, albeit short trip into what we call the real world. If you have ever been at a birth, you know there is something sacred about it.

My grand daughter Fern’s third birthday is fast approaching and once again I will miss her party. My old car won’t go that far.

But there’s always a way! So I made her a video of a dinosaur singing Happy Birthday to her. I did not make it with the animation program I’ve been struggling with, because in the end-I LIKE the imperfections. Are brush strokes on an oil painting an imperfection? I like to be reminded that a real, fallible human being made a thing.

My older daughter liked it, but she said,

“Mom, you’re weird.”

“Perhaps, but why do you say so?”

“Because the dinosaur burps. What kind of grandma makes a  burping dinosaur for a birthday present?”

“The kind who remembers how funny we thought burps were when I was a kid.”

I hope she likes it. I would have liked a burping dinosaur singing Happy Birthday to me. For my 11 year-old grandson maybe a lactose-intolerant tyrannosaurus….





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