How is your week going? great, I hope!

I am very aware that real humans beings like you follow this blog. First, thank you!

Second, how it your week going? I’m not asking to be polite; I’d really like to know.

Are you a creative type? If so, you know how it is to be in the grip of a project. I have been gripped by the animated epic (in two-minute episodes) Che’ and the Mountain Chihuahuas. I was an artist for many years but the first time I took one of my drawings and made it wiggle (it was a trout) I’ve been hooked, no pun intended.

Trout Shallow water Pastel by Je'
Trout Shallow water
Pastel by Je’


Freaking magic! Little did I know the hours and hours of work and learning required to make animations. Hmm, now that I think about it. “Little did I know” is the story of my life.

My son is a genius who makes video games in his spare time and a year ago he insisted I needed a Wacom tablet to do art on the computer. I grumbled, he sent me one and I plugged it in and spent two weeks trying to get my hand, eye and screen to work together. Now its like my right arm.

So when he told me over Christmas that I need the right software to do animation, I grumbled, but I just got it today in the mail and I’m going to withdraw into a cave until I learn how to use it. (I hate learning new software, don’t you?)

I keep thinking, “I don’t want to do this, I want to animate the story.” Isn’t that stupid? Ah, we humans…knowing a thing is stupid does not stop us… from being stupid. Or maybe it’s just me?

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.

Coming Soon! Revolution: Che and the Mountain Chihuahuas
Coming Soon!
Che and the Mountain Chihuahuas



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