Leaders Should Listen or the Mountain Chihuahuas Might Get Them

As I study history, I often think, “If the leaders had only listened to the people, they could have avoided all that mess.” But they seldom do, for some reason-and an expression for this is, “The dogs bark and the caravan moves on.”

Cute, unless we are the dogs they are referring to…which reminded me of a story I read a good while back about packs of wild chihuahuas rampaging in the mountains of Mexico. It was written from the viewpoint of :”Isn’t that silly?” Obviously by a writer unfamiliar with Chihuahuas.


I owned a chihuahua and packs of wild ones is more scary than the legendary Chupacabra! Thus hatched the latest epic: “If Leaders Don’t Listen the Mountain Chihuahuas Might Get Them.” 








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