Second Free Book for Kids-Enjoy!

Oh, no! Not the Toe!
Oh, no! Not the Toe!

Ha! So I woke up this morning and said to myself, “Self, finish up that book and post it online. The more kids hear the story, the more fun it is.” My wiser Self answered, “That is going to take all day.” Silly Self replied, “No, it’s not. Two hours, tops.”

Eight hours later, it’s done. Do you do animation by any chance? If so, you won’t be surprised that it took eight hours to turn a little book into a little (under 2 minutes!) movie-even with minimal animation.

Here’s how it started. My daughter Autumn called me last summer.

Autumn: “Can you make a kid’s book using Alina’s 50 sight words? It’s hard to find good books like that.”

Me: “Uh, no. Well, maybe, let me think about it.” She sent me the list of words and I thought, “Uh, no.” You know how you go to sleep and something happens in your brain overnight and in the morning you have the answer?

In the morning I woke up with two stories from those 50 sight words, but really little kids prefer “Oh No, Not the Toe,” while older little kids like  “A Bunny is a Bunny.” They are both about epistemology-or how do we know a thing? But epistemology wasn’t on the sight word list.

Oh, NO! Not the Toe! Tell me how you would end the story. 🙂

Little Smarties Comics Amazon

Here it is on Youtube.

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