Free Bloovie (Mook? Vook?) to Share with Kids

Cole's Idea Comes to Life
Cole’s Idea Comes to Life

On the advice of a ten year-old, I turned several of my kid’s books into comics. Though it took months, the ten year-old in question, at least, enjoyed the result.

But in my never-ending quest to stay broke, I decided to turn a story into a book-movie and give it away for free.

Perhaps you can help me: What do you call a book-movie? A “Mook”?… or a Bloovie? Hmm, it’s a video, so maybe a “Vook?” I value your opinion, tell me what you think.

Oh, and share this with kids, teachers and anyone stuck waiting in line at the DMV or the doctor’s office. Thanks, and have a great week!

Free: The Train Who Flew, read by the author.



  1. Cool story! What do you call a movie-book? Well lots of movies start out as books, right? And they just call the “Title” Would that work? Though Bloovie has a friendly sound…

    1. Thanks for commenting. Oh yeah, Moby Dick isn’t a bloovie, its a movie based on a book.

      But what if the movie IS the book? Food for thought,,,hmmm..

      Have a great day,

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