The art of seeing through…to what is real


Are you good at math? If so I admire you, as I admire someone who can play the piano or speak seven languages. Maybe more; with a lot of effort I could learn to play the piano or speak seven languages, but when confronted with math my mind goes blank.

So math and I could just leave each other alone, if only I had never encountered fractals, a kinky sort of geometry (?) that calculates the beautiful patterns found in nature; the thumbprint of God, the order behind the seeming chaos in the universe.

Butterfly wing and leaf
Butterfly wing and leaf

Now I see fractals everywhere-in the repeating patterns of leaf veins, mountain ranges from satellite photos, neural pathways in our brains! There is order in the universe, I tell you…maybe I could figure it out. If only I could do the math.







This means something!
This means something!

I feel like Richard Dreyfus in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, molding his mashed potatoes into a mountain shape and insisting, “This MEANS something,” much to the alarm of his family. It does mean something, but I can’t do the math.








Starry Night gif
Starry Night gif

But then Vincent van Gogh couldn’t do the math, either, and he painted turbulence, something scientists have recently discovered that is “real.” Van Gogh saw through;ย he saw turbulence a long time ago, as in his famous work, Starry Night.

The stars are spinning, like the Hindu wheel of time or the mysterious wheel within a wheel Ezekiel saw in a vision.

But maybe I should leave it alone…the geniuses who worked on the mathematics of infinity all went mad and Van Gogh was in a mental institution when he painted Starry Night.

Maybe what we think of as opposites, math vs art, science vs religion-maybe they aren’t opposites at all. Maybe they are spokes on a slowly spinning wheel?

Hats off to you mathematicians and to you creative types>>>

Maybe we’re not as crazy as people sometimes think we are. ๐Ÿ™‚


Hint hint: I love comments. ๐Ÿ™‚


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