Funny the things we remember…

Yellow Maple painting by Je'
Yellow Maple
painting by Je’

Yesterday was my grown son’s birthday and I wanted to express to him, somehow, what a plus he has always been in my life. I thought back to the day he was born and a strong image of the view out my hospital window filled my mind’s eye.

He was born in Hickory, N.C. at the peak of the fall colors. The view out my hospital window was of a gorgeous yellow maple against a blue, blue sky.

So I painted my memory and sent it to him. I hoped he would get what I was trying to say, because I could not really find the right words. The words would be something like this: It was a glorious day when you were born.

I am an artist, he is a network engineer-could a painting cross the miles, the years and our different ways of looking at the world? I am happy to report that he was very moved and instantly grasped what I could not put into words. He said it was the best birthday present he ever got. 🙂

Funny the things we remember…

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