Faces in the Fence: The Board Members

Please tell me you do this sometimes!

My neighbor wisely built a fence which stares at me whenever I sit on my front steps. I stare right back. At first I tried to ignore the faces in the fence, you know what I mean-those patterns in wood grain that look like things.

I gave up ignoring them and named them the Board Members. I noticed the Board Members seemed to be having some sort of dispute, though I’m probably just projecting my own professional experience with Board Members, who knows? Below is a photo of the Board Members in the raw, so to speak, and a drawing that makes them more obvious.

Don’t you think they look they are having a dispute? What do you suppose it’s about? During my board meetings, it was usually about money, but this one looks like it’s about something even more important…what ARE they saying? 🙂

The Board Members
The Board Members













What ARE they saying?
What ARE they saying?

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