No, kids are NOT getting dumber.

Grand daughter showing me how to text.
Grand daughter Alina showing me how to text.

I often hear that we humans are being deliberately “dumbed down” by nefarious forces who prefer for us to be dumb. They are doing this by chemtrails and flouride in the water and TV-maybe by vaccines and GMOs.

Now the people saying these things are NOT dumbed down apparently, because they have the scoop on all of the above nefarious plots. If you will just listen to them, you will overcome your downward slide to dumbness.

I was reviewing Teaparty protest signs and I admit, I started to get sad. I do not mock or call people “sheeple”-if they TRULY are dumb, they can’t help it, and listening to Alex Jones won’t help them, either, though it will scare them and fear actually does make us dumb.

Here are a few signs:




What will it be? LIBETY or TRANNY?!!

I kind of get the one about ill eagles, because think about it, an ill eagle could be carrying bird flu.



Ill eagle. Poor baby.
Ill eagle. Poor baby.

I was so concerned about dumbing down that I wrote two Little Smarties Comics: Critical THINKING FOR Beginning Readers. There are a few techniques we can use to think more critically, but I do NOT believe kids are dumber than they were they used to be. Why? 1). I remember being a kid 2) When I need help with technology, I ask a first grader.










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