What do runway models think about?

Runway model
Mica modeling

I mentioned in an earlier post that my daughter, Mica, was being pursued by modeling agencies. She is obviously very pretty, but so were my other two daughters and I kind of thought they had more substance than just their beauty, so I never looked into marketing it.

And perhaps that is just a rationalization-I also have zero interest in fashion. I figure If I keep  the item of clothing long enough, it will come back “in style.” But Mica looked into modeling herself. Yesterday she did a runway show for the first time and this is the message I got: “I can’t do this! if I fall on my butt in front of all those people, I’ll never forgive myself.” Oh, so, THAT’S what models think before they go down the runway.

Mica is about 75% an introvert, maybe modeling wasn’t her thing after all?  Another model reassured her: “Oh it’s not so bad. Until you get out there and realize that EVERYBODY in the room actually is looking at you and the photographers are taking pictures of you and the TV cameras are aimed at you.”

A 45 year-old model took her under her wing. “Watch me,” she said, “and do what I do. you’ll be great.” Mica threw up twice, straightened herself out and walked. I think she looked lovely and people came up to her after the show and told her the same.

But when she got home, she said, “I will never, EVER do that again.”

And that’s fine, you know? I am a big believer in making your own decisions. But first you have to try that thing, take that risk-or I’m afraid you will always wonder…

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