I’m in love with the inflatable flailing-arm man


Do you love inflatable flailing arm men? Those thirty-foot balloony things whipping around in front of car dealerships?

For me, it was love at first sight. So happy and free and…silly. When I was a CEO I tried to talk my Board of Directors into getting one to advertise a project we were doing, but they, being sensible old farts, said “no.”

They are kind of expensive (yes, I researched them) so it would have to be a special occasion to warrant the price. I asked my kids if I could have one for my funeral, but they were horrified. Apparently, they want to be sad. I told them he could dance to Samuel Barber’s very sad Adagio in Strings, but still no dice. I’ll have to settle for drive-by waving at inflatable flailing arm man as he boogies in his parking lot.

OK maybe you wouldn't hire this guy for your kid's party, but that balloon chainsaw is cool.
OK maybe you wouldn’t hire this guy for your kid’s party, but that balloon chainsaw is cool.

What I can do, and will do, dang it, is get a balloon animal kit. I used to work with disadvantaged kids and did puppet shows and made balloon animals: blow ’em up, twist, twist, squeaky, sqwawky-TADA! Ā A poodle!

Magic, I tell you.

And may you, my friend, take time to do something silly today-because always remember:

The winner of the rat race is just the fastest rat. šŸ™‚


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Little Smarties Comics: Book Two
Little Smarties Comics: Book Two


    1. You see? I’m not the only one who loves them. It’s warm here in S. GA-they dance year ’round. Or maybe yours come here for the winter? šŸ™‚

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