Revenge of the Abandoned Author

Little Smarties Comics: Book One
Little Smarties Comics: Book One

Little Smarties Comics: Critical Thinking for Beginning Readers

Three months to complete two comic books with three stories each. That may not seem like a long time, but keep in mind that most of the stories have a 50-word vocabulary.

About a month of that time has been proofing, changing, fixing screw-ups. The terrible part is, I’m pretty sure there are still screw-ups I cannot see.

I asked my oldest daughter Mary to proof them, but NO, she never did. O.K., she has four kids and a non-profit to run-but she is a GENIUS and can spot screw-ups a mile away. So I had to do it myself, and re-do it and re-do it and I’m pretty sure I missed something. I gave up and published them. But first I called Mary.

Hey, remember those books I asked you to proof?

Oh, yeah, sorry about that, I’ve been busy…

Never mind, I published them.

Oh, I’m sure they’re fine.

I’m sure there’s a screw-up there somewhere, but I have planned my revenge. If there is a screw-up, I’m making a new comic called, “I Tried Really Hard and Screwed Up Anyway” and I’m dedicating it to YOU.

Giggle. Silence. “You know, that would actually be a pretty good story. Kids have that problem all the time; they could relate.”

Well played, Mary. Now I have a new book tormenting me. 🙂

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