Take a Break…

We live in an unnaturally stressful world. We hear news of disasters from all over the planet, something our distant ancestors never had to contend with. They only had local and infrequent disasters to contend with-and even then they could work off their stress by dealing physically with the disaster at hand, as Dr. Robert Sapolsky points out in “Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers.” 

Our stress is largely due to imagining disasters; few us of us have actually been in a war zone or a raging flood. Imagining disasters is stressful because part of our brain reacts, not knowing it is “just imagined.” Yes, the autopilot part of our brain is  like that.

THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT WE CAN ALSO IMAGINE GOOD THINGS and that autopilot part of our brain accepts this as reality as well!

So take a break. Drop all problems for a few minutes and come here and sit for awhile. Relax-lean back, hear the birds singing? feel the gentle breeze?

Take a Break
Take a Break

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