The Three Weirdos: Are Authors like their characters?

I’m just finishing up The Three Weirdos, a critical thinking comic book for beginner readers. I have particularly enjoyed Ono, the crazy-brave mouse. This made me wonder if Ono is my alter-ego-and if, therefore, I am a weirdo.

Well I did grow up as the only girl among four brothers and a dozen boy cousins. We actually had a Brave Kids Club and I was a member. To join you had to do brave things, like jump out of the willow tree into the pond muck, jump off the second story of the chicken coop, and tag a pastured bull on the rump (then run FAST)-you get the idea.

Ono irritates the other rodents with her crazy-braveness, but she does save them from the fox when nobody else can. Funny thing about small, brave things-they even scare away big predators who should know better.

Awful lot of power in simply refusing to be afraid. 🙂

Why don't you...
Why don’t you…

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