The Three Weirdos: For those who don’t quite fit in

Hope your week is going well. 🙂

I am three-quarters done with the latest critical-thinking comic book for beginning readers. Every time I think, “Dang this is taking forever,” (which is every few hours) I remember that from start to finish, Lord of the Rings took J.R.R. Tolkein seventeen years.  Seventeen years!

The Three Weirdos is about Ono, the crazy-brave mouse; Looky, who is pretty hyper even for a squirrel; and Wait, a very conservative chipmunk who is constantly warning the others of impending doom. While the Weirdos irritate the rest of the squirrels, mice and chipmunks, in the end, of course, they save the day.

Here Ono steps up to a hungry fox while the others dash across the river on a log that Wait has certified as safe for crossing.

The Three Weirdos
The Three Weirdos

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