The Beautiful Thing about Humans

People power
People power

We humans; neither angels nor devils but capable of being either. The news, of course, must tell us stories that are dramatic and negative, because undramatic and positive events are not news.

I saw this rare positive story a few days ago from Australia. A woman had somehow got her leg caught under a train and all the passengers, none of whom knew the woman, immediately got together and PUSHED THE TRAIN OVER TO FREE HER LEG. People power! When they got together, they were able to push over a freakin’ train!

Last summer, while coming home in a blinding downpour, I noticed a man trying to push his broken down car off the highway. “Oh no,” I thought,”this is dangerous.” Immediately several pickups stopped and the drivers jumped out and helped him push his car to safety. Please understand why this made me smile: the broken down motorist was a black man and the guys who jumped out of their pickups were white men and I live in the deep south.

What is the beautiful thing about humans? Most of us, most of the time, have compassion on other human beings in trouble. It is natural, we don’t have to think about whether it is in our self-interest or any of that baloney. We just realize that there is a human being in trouble, it could be me and we help.

That’s beautiful and is reason to have hope for the future. If we act together, we can push over injustice, no matter how immovable it looks and we can free those who are trapped by it. 🙂

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