They say she has what it takes…

She's my brown-eyed girl.
She’s my brown-eyed girl.

Every day when my four kids were small I made a point to tell them they were smart, good and good-looking. If you have kids, do this-because all four grew up to be smart, good and I’ll be darned-even good-looking!

My youngest daughter is unusually good-looking; she stops traffic. Well, that must be nice, as long as no one rear-ends anyone else. Like all young women, she worried about being fat but since she stops traffic in her current state, she stopped worrying about that. Then she thought she might become a plus-size model, reasoning that she can never be one of those anorexic models, since her bones alone weigh at least 100 pounds.

I just watch all this. I have zero interest in fashion, but if that’s your dream, kiddo-go for it. Today she had an appointment with a modeling agent. She was quickly taken into the office, ahead of the others in the waiting room, poked, prodded and measured, told she will have to change her hair, told they will pay for clothes, makeup and a professional photographer.

They said they will invest a significant amount of money in her, not because they are nice, but because they know they will make it all back and then some. So I guess she has what it takes. She will go to Atlanta next week and she will change, but then people always change. I admit I feel a little sad about that.

She is not only good-looking, she is good. She helps poor people, has over 1,000 volunteer hours and is constantly rescuing kittens and friends who have had too much to drink. She respectfully stands up for victims of injustice with great firmness.

I told her whatever else she does, to never sell her soul. She smiled and said, “I won’t.” I believe her.

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