Beauty or the Beast?

Greetings, followers-I hope your week is going well. I collect beautiful pictures as I cruise around and I am sharing some here. Enjoy.

On the other hand, if you want beastly rants, check out my other blog, Truth Scooper where I attempt to scoop the latest BS off the neurons of mankind. 🙂

Clean, clear, curvy water
Clean, clear, curvy water
Barreleye-a fish with a transparent head


Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon







  1. Hello Je’,

    How nice to see your blog. I admire your energy and passion. I found you through a search on Diego Rivera’s mural “Glorious Victory,” which I learned about through Kinzer’s book, The Brothers, which you refer to and which I just finished. I will be promoting it on my Facebook page, and I will also put in a plug for your blog there.

    That said, you might find my own website of interest. You will see that we are much in the same line, although I suspect that you have a lot more energy than I do these days.

    On this page I present a rather long review of Kinzer’s book “All the Shaw’s Men,” : There I also refer to another journalist, Jonathan Kwitny, in a somewhat snippy comparison not in Kinzer’s favor.

    I present Kwitny here:

    That’s all for now.

    Bill Becker

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Bill. I definitely will check out your links. Today, however, I’m busy fighting for peace and justice in Gaza, one Tweet at a time. Well, we do what we can. 🙂

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