Very Valuable You: First Axiom for a Better World

You're One of a Kind
You’re One of a Kind

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I have started a new blog called “Truth Scooper” since I looked back over my life and realized I spent most of my growing-up years on the farm shoveling manure and there’s an awful lot of BS in the news that needs to be scraped off the neurons of mankind.

It’s not a nice blog-it’s the truth, which is painful. I understand that people are worn-out, stressed and may not need the added stress of naked truth, so I will continue to put my kinder, gentler thoughts on here. Today’s Truth Scoop is not stressful though, it’s rather uplifitng, so I’m including it here:

Every human is incalculably and intrinsically valuable, valuable  just because they are human.

Whether from a religious or a scientific perspective, I assert this to be true. The religious perspective is “Imago dei”-humankind, male and female, is made in the image of God and is therefore sacred. In the west we seem to mentally add “spittin” to this concept: mankind is made in the spittin’ image of God-and then decry the arrogance of the assertion.

But that is not what it means at all. It means that humankind comes from the Source and contains a spark, a seed, of Almighty God within them. We are chips off a really big block, but we are chips. I am like my earthly father in some ways, I am his child, but I am not him.

From the scientific perspective a human being is intrinsically valuable because DNA shows that while we have much in common, there never has been another person just like you. Never has been. Never will be. Even a clone would have different experiences and grow different neural pathways and thus would differ from the original.

So every person you encounter is a specimen unique in all eternity, with unique gifts and quirks and hang-ups and strengths and weaknesses. There never has been and never will be another person just like that. Think of the potential! Think of the niche that only that person can fill! One of kind. And we are valuable not because of what we do-we are human beings, not human doings.

The foundation, the starting point to any just and sane worldview must be, not property rights, ideology or the primacy of the State, the King or the Caliph, but this, Je’s Axiom #1:

1). Every human being is intrinsically and incalculably valuable.

Worldviews that start elsewhere will end by sacrificing human beings to their faulty First Axiom, purging enemies, burning heretics, assassinating “terrorists” or oppressing non-tribe members. If you know of a historical exception to the perversity described in the preceding sentence, please tell me, since I know of none.

So start here:

1). Every human being is intrinsically and incalculably valuable.

 By the way, smile, this includes YOU. J



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