How One Christian Helped Build the Beast of Political Zionism

The wings flap for good or evil
The wings flap for good or evil

The Butterfly Effect comes to mind; the theory that a small change affects other things in a causal chain until a huge effect becomes visible.

You have likely never heard of William Hechler, an Anglican clergyman born in 1845. The name Theodore Hertzl, father of Zionism, is perhaps more familiar to you, but we would likely never have heard of Hertzl without the intervention of the well-intentioned, but misguided Hechler.

The butterfly flapped its wings at a Viennese bookstore in 1896, where Hechler picked up a copy of The Jewish State by Hertzl. In it, Hertzl argued that Jews would never be safe anywhere in the world due to anti-Semitism and that they therefore needed their own state.

This political Zionism met with resistance from many Jews. The Orthodox, pointing to Hertzl’s proud atheism, said it was idolatry to worship a location. Jews who were doing just fine thought Zionism was counter-productive. But William Hechler was obsessed with his Biblical interpretation of the future. When the Jews returned to the Promised Land, Jesus would return.

Hechler, who had served as tutor to Fredrick I and who knew Kaiser Wilhelm II, introduced Hertzl to his influential friends and spent the rest of his life promoting Zionism. Hechler’s efforts bore fruit and Hertzl lobbied around the world for a Jewish state in Palestine which was announced in 1948.

This was Hertzl’s impression of Hechler:

“Then he spread out before me his chart of comparative history, and finally a map of Palestine. It is a large military staff map in four sheets which, when laid out, covered the entire floor. “We have prepared the ground for you!” Hechler said triumphantly. He showed me where, according to his calculations, our new Temple must be located: in Bethel! Because that is the center of the country. He also showed me the models of the ancient Temple. He sang and played for me on the organ a Zionist song of his composition… But I take him for a naïve visionary with a collector’s enthusiasm.”

The butterfly has continued flapping its wings. Christian Zionism spread from Britain to the USA and culminated in a mammoth Christian Zionist lobby in the USA, which, having forgotten that Jesus told them to preach good news, preaches that Israel can do no wrong, that God is on their side, that every massacre and war in that region IS good news!

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.” Isaiah 5:20

Christian Zionist Hal Lindsey, who wrote the immensely popular Late, Great Planet Earth, said Jesus would come back by 1988, one generation after the establishment of Israel. This was a false prophecy. Christian Zionism is a destructive doctrine. If you are trapped in it, as I was, find out the truth for yourself and repent.

Video: Rabbis Protest Against Zionism


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