In the Garden: Why not a hummingbird hat!?

Hummingbird hat Too weird?
Hummingbird hat
Too weird?

In my quest to find something wonderful in my tiny garden every day, yesterday was easy. A hummingbird visited a sunflower, shining green, wings beating so fast they were a blur. “Oh, you beautiful thing,” I whispered.

I had the same urge as I had when I observed bejeweled tropical fish in the wild, the urge to touch them, to hold them in my hand. I wished I could hold the emerald green hummingbird as well-but holding small, fragile, bejeweled creatures is bad for their health, so I just watched.

Then, as if reading my mind, the hummingbird flew to within three feet of my face and hovered, looking at me! I held my breath. Six seconds then “foom,” she zipped off over an oak tree and was gone.

“i could set up a hummingbird feeder,” I thought. Then I had an idea! I have scores of ideas every day, but only about half of them are GOOD ideas. My idea was to make a hummingbird hat! Yes, a hummingbird hat with a feeder attached to the vizor! Then hummingbirds would come and sip nectar just a few feet in front of my eyeballs.

But how weird is a hummingbird hat? Had I already used up all my weirdness capital with my neighbors by walking the dog in my pajamas and letting the grass grow until it bloomed? Hmmm. I needed some honest feedback on my hummingbird hat idea.

So I asked some kids; kids are very honest. The four year-old said, “That’s crazy.” The eleven year-old said it was the best idea he ever heard and the seven year-old wants one. One grown-up laughed, one said, “Sounds like you,” and the third wants one as soon as possible.

So mixed verdicts-think I’ll make one!


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